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    Q Can we have people with multiple roles without adding evidence mutiple times

    A Multiple roles is standard and the dashboard shows reports appropriate to the location and role being used

    Q How are internal verifiers handled?

    A Internal verifiers are a core part of the system and people who they are an IV for appear on their people managed page

    Q Is Operational Assurance integrated with PDRpro?

    A The new OA system is fully integrated and can even take incidents with Response managers deployed directly from Control systems such as Boss

    Q How do you handle people in Development?

    A We have a both an NVQ system for new hires and a whole development programme which manages development at any level

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About Us

Why Choose Us?

We have goals for our system you can identify with:

  • Simple to use with minimal time overhead
  • Focuses on what matters
  • Encourages individual responsibility
  • Records that have evidential value
  • Saves you time and money

Designed by Fire Services specifically for Fire Services

This is a no compromise solution designed specifically for fire services with more installations than any other system.

Continuous updates

Nothing stays the same in the fire service, the NOS is updated, there are new initiatives, priorities change. A good example would be the focus on Training recording, Operations assurance, flexible rostering etc etc.
PDRpro is in constant contact with its 26 user services and holds regular user group meetings. The software is constantly being enhanced to ensure that it fits the latest needs of Fire and Rescue services.

It’s all about customer service

Everyone says this. The only people you can believe are real customers. Our aim is to give the best customer service in the industry. Ask our customers what our performance is like compared to the competition.

about-imageOur Background

PDRpro is dedicated to building systems for Fire Services. With almost 10 years experience and over 26 UK fire and rescue services as customers, we are the market leader in online recording systems.

With offices in Camberley and Edinburgh we cover the whole of the UK. Regular user group meetings and frequent customer visits allow us to share experiences and help plan the next evolution of systems.

PDRpro started with the building of an IPDS recording system for the Scottish Fire Services. This was quickly adopted and rolled out through many services across the UK. With the advent of the new NOS in 2010 and the Operational Assurance requirements from the HSE, the systems are again evolving and in cooperation with a number of services, the systems are being radically changed to fit the new needs of fire services.

Our approach as a company is to work closely with our customers and this is backed up with our commitment to user groups which has resulted in more than 90% of customers attending each one.