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    Q Can we have people with multiple roles without adding evidence mutiple times

    A Multiple roles is standard and the dashboard shows reports appropriate to the location and role being used

    Q How are internal verifiers handled?

    A Internal verifiers are a core part of the system and people who they are an IV for appear on their people managed page

    Q Is Operational Assurance integrated with PDRpro?

    A The new OA system is fully integrated and can even take incidents with Response managers deployed directly from Control systems such as Boss

    Q How do you handle people in Development?

    A We have a both an NVQ system for new hires and a whole development programme which manages development at any level

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PDRpro is delivered as software as a service (SaaS) from our own server farm. With over 22000 users of the system for over 5 years, we have extensive experience of hosting mission critical systems. In the past 5 years we have had a total of 3hrs unscheduled downtime (99.993% uptime)

  • Massively redundant Raid array disk subsystem with 14 disks
  • Backups on disk and tape held offsite
  • Each service has its own database
  • Database can be transferred offsite into a backup cloud if required to be replaced with Backup of your database is copied to Amazon S3 daily
  • Disaster recovery parallel server system can be specified
  • Dual 100Mb lines to the internet via diverse suppliers with maximum of 30% loading
  • Backup servers on site
  • Extensive physical security systems
  • Power backup with ups and standby generators
  • Nagios monitoring system 24×7 

PDRpro have always made data backup a number one priority. With the advent of new technologies such as the cloud we are able to make even better redundancy available for your system. From January 2012 we will back up all services data on a nightly basis to Amazon AWS cloud system , this is an extra precaution over and above our normal tape backup that gives us the additional facility of being able to send the data quickly to different servers.

A new service of Disaster Recovery is now available on a service by service basis that gives a fully redundant system available live in a separate location within 24hrs of a catastrophic failure. Please contact us for further details.