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    Q Can we have people with multiple roles without adding evidence mutiple times

    A Multiple roles is standard and the dashboard shows reports appropriate to the location and role being used

    Q How are internal verifiers handled?

    A Internal verifiers are a core part of the system and people who they are an IV for appear on their people managed page

    Q Is Operational Assurance integrated with PDRpro?

    A The new OA system is fully integrated and can even take incidents with Response managers deployed directly from Control systems such as Boss

    Q How do you handle people in Development?

    A We have a both an NVQ system for new hires and a whole development programme which manages development at any level

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Debbie Jones

Learning and Development Staffs FRS

The customer service and support you provide is exceptional. I always receive prompt replies to my queries and you are extremely flexible in your approach to any developments to the system that we request. All of your team are very helpful and nothing is too much trouble!


SM Simon V. Donnachie

Personal Development Supervisor
Humberside Fire & Rescue Service

Humberside Fire & Rescue Service started using PDRpro Classic around 2006 / 2007 when we acknowledged that we required an electronic system to record training and operational maintenance. It was ground breaking for us at the time but quite quickly became somewhat over complicated and cumbersome. The more we relied on it, it seemed, the less user friendly it became.

In 2010 we considered pulling away from PDRpro Classic. Then we were introduced to PDRPro Advanced!

PDRpro Advanced is a dramatic improvement on the previous product. It is a straightforward and informative piece of software, clear and uncomplicted to operate and administrate. FRSs can easily set up generic accounts for operational fire-fighters, bespoke accounts for FDS officers and even individual accounts for non-uniformed staff.

It gives managers a clear and precise breakdown of the individual and team requirements of their personnel. It uses subroles linked to NOS (national occupation standards) rather than actual NOS modules, consequently, simplifying the process. Watch Managers can view the Snapshot of individuals to ascertain exactly where they are in their development or maintenance of competence. They can also gear their own training around Watch and individual’s PDRpro accounts.

We are constantly changing and evolving the training activity section of PDRpro Advanced. As fire-fighter’s roles change, we are able to alter station or individual accounts to suit the needs of our staff, ensuring competence in all relevant disciplines.

We also utilise the Course Management System arm of PDRpro. CMS is a big improvement over our previous system and has massive potential. It is easy to use, easy to learn and extremely user friendly. CMS enables us to ensure that all staff receive the appropriate training at the correct frequency. It enables us to track course and individuals and provides a thorough history; essential to prevent oversights regarding mandatory training.

PDRpro is now embedded in Humberside FRS. We have used PDRpro Advanced since December 2011 and it is popular for Operational staff, Control staff and Training staff. PDRpro offer a comprehensive support service and quickly respond to request of any administrative questions or problems. We are considering extended our use of it in the near future to incorporate a full paperless NVQ system, Service Appraisials, Driving Records and Operational Assurance.


Richard Fairhead

Area Manager Learning and Development,
the key pioneer behind the “All Wales” project, comments:

“PDRpro has given us the confidence that all personnel have the appropriate training and experience in the right areas. We have already seen huge benefits from our investment in PDRpro; including a reduction in the time Firefighters spend recording information, an increase in the accuracy of information being recorded and the minimal time it now takes to produce useful and relevant reports. It’s a combination of these achievements, along with the exceptional service we’ve received from the PDRpro team that resulted in the extension of the system across all areas of our work”.


Eddie Butler

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service bought PDRpro, Course Management System less than 2 years ago. Already the system is providing a more efficient way of booking and monitoring courses, as well as establishing a better way of communicating with our training providers and end users. The payback is evident in the ability to ensure that courses are fully subscribed and therefore dramatically increasing utilisation of resources. With reports available instantly such as the course frequency analysis and the Nomination Status reports, the course management is a must have for an efficient training function.


Melanie Kinsella

Learning and Development Manager
Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service HQ

We were looking for a new type of supplier who could be flexible enough to cope with our very Cumbria specific needs at an affordable price. We found many of the larger suppliers simply didn’t want to help us whereas PDRpro have provided the support and flexibility out department needs.