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    Q Can we have people with multiple roles without adding evidence mutiple times

    A Multiple roles is standard and the dashboard shows reports appropriate to the location and role being used

    Q How are internal verifiers handled?

    A Internal verifiers are a core part of the system and people who they are an IV for appear on their people managed page

    Q Is Operational Assurance integrated with PDRpro?

    A The new OA system is fully integrated and can even take incidents with Response managers deployed directly from Control systems such as Boss

    Q How do you handle people in Development?

    A We have a both an NVQ system for new hires and a whole development programme which manages development at any level

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User Group

Sharing experiences with other users

User Group meeting December 3rd 2013 at Cardiff, South Wales.

Our Next User Group Meeting is on 3rd December 2013 at South Wales FRS Training Centre at Cardiff Gate.  All our users are invited.

The format is as follows:

    • Meeting start 10.30 with refreshments served from 10.00am
    • A buffet lunch will be available at 12.30 and the meeting will finish by 4.30pm
    • A Networking and Dinner event at  Park Plazza Cardiff  will start at 6.30 (Dinner at 7.30)

The agenda for the day focuses on an overview of all of new development before lunch and an in-depth look at key areas the afternoon.


Morning agenda

Development Programme  (also includes Development Plans Reviews and Assessments)

This is a major new product and is aimed at being the most comprehensive system available for managing development of personnel.  Having been in planning and development for over a year, the completed system will be available for your demo system at the event, we will be going through the product in detail in the afternoon session for interested services.



Scenarios were released in July and are already seeing good take up.  Scenarios automate the completion of training elements including Learnpro, Group Training and Course Management.



Appraisals have been developed in cooperation with North Wales FRS and includes CPD payments authorisation.  Announced in August this year, the user group will be the first public showing.



Demonstration of our API system uploading personnel data from other systems.


Course Management

A look at what’s new together with a demonstration of the new calendar and a look at some of the new reports available.


Afternoon Agenda

We will keep this flexible depending on user direction in the morning session.  The current plans are:


Development Programme

An in-depth look at setting the system up and using it, hopefully with feedback from people who have been beta testing it.


Operational Assurance

This is the final release of the OA system with all of the reports and updated user experience.  Of more interest to specific OA personnel.


Core system update and Future Roadmap

This is an update on what has changed in the last year and a road map of our ideas for the next year with the opportunity to input and partner with us on new developments  (e.g. we are looking for a partner for our API to import holiday information from a personnel system to our CMS)


Core System Demo

Depending on requirements, we will be offering a full run through of the core system after all other sessions are complete. This will be available to customers and non-customers alike.

To register for a place please email us at ug@pdrpro.co.uk with the names of attendees including their email addresses.



Location of meeting: Cardiff Gate


Location for Evening Networking and Dinner event:  Park Plazza Hotel