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    Q Can we have people with multiple roles without adding evidence mutiple times

    A Multiple roles is standard and the dashboard shows reports appropriate to the location and role being used

    Q How are internal verifiers handled?

    A Internal verifiers are a core part of the system and people who they are an IV for appear on their people managed page

    Q Is Operational Assurance integrated with PDRpro?

    A The new OA system is fully integrated and can even take incidents with Response managers deployed directly from Control systems such as Boss

    Q How do you handle people in Development?

    A We have a both an NVQ system for new hires and a whole development programme which manages development at any level

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Workplace Assessment and Training Recording

The fastest, most accurate way of recording with evidential value

Workplace Assessment and Training Recording

PPDRpro  has 4 main areas and many stunning plugins.  The workplace assessment and training recording areas are highlighted on the users dashboard at login.

The system is aimed at making all of the information instantly available.  Things you have to do are in the summary, an instant dashboard summary of maintenance of frequency, and competency shows a summary and actions needed.

See an overview video here:

For further information see:

  • Development Programme
  • NVQ
  • System Notifications
  • Drivers Log
  • Appraisals
  • Scenarios
  • API, Integrating with other system

Personnel Management

PDRpro has a management dashboard which gives an overall snapshot view of all directly managed personnel. As well as being able to drill down into a person’s record, the system colour codes the status of critical information on frequencies for sub-roles and training.

Some of the key features include:

  • A snapshot view of your personnel managed
  • A snapshot view of personnel you act as internal verifier for
  • A frequency overview for Subroles and training
  • Intelligent dashboard approach, actively highlighting outstanding tasks 

System Notifications

A full cycle notification system with excellent reporting.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Sends notifcations such as operational bulletins and safety critical notices to selected users
  • Fully configurable templates
  • Reports on evidence of personal confirmation of reading and understanding

Development Programme

The Development Programme module integrated with PDRpro covers all roles and includes foundation modules.

The key features and benefits include:

  • Extremely flexible configuration options
  • Individuals can request assessment and managers can perform ad-hoc assessments.
  • Integrated into the personnel management dashboard
  • Covers whole time and RDS


The PDRpro National Vocational Qualification module provides a VQ portfolio for each candidate which stores all evidence relating to their VQ role. It also gives assessors the ability to assess someone’s performance down to each individual NOS element and allows the internal verifier to view how accurately the assessors are doing their assessments.

The NVQ module is divided up into five different areas.

Assessment Plans

The Assessment Plans section is for the upload of documents to the system. The documents are uploaded by assessors and both the candidate and internal verifier can view the assessment plan document. Each broad role has its own assessment plan attachment.

Index of Evidence

The Index Of Evidence shows all the evidence associated to the user’s VQ role and all the broad roles associated with that evidence. It also provides a preview of each piece of evidence, apart from attachments. There are three types of evidence: Personal statements, witness/observation statements and attachments. All evidence for a user has a unique number assigned to it for that user which can be used as references when talking about evidence.

Element Achievement Records

Element Achievement Records divides the evidence down into the broad roles for their specified VQ role. A piece of evidence will only show if the broad role is selected for the incident that the evidence is related to. A VQ candidate may only look at the evidence, and read any internal verification comments that have been made. An Assessor can do the same, but can also review any incidents not yet reviewed. An internal verifier’s view is a lot more detailed as each piece of evidence shows the overall selected NOS for that broad role. The internal verifier can view this and all other VQ information and after reviewing the assessors actions, can make a comment on his sample of evidence.

Evidence Overview

The Evidence Overview reports on how much evidence there is for each NOS competency for each broad role. This can be useful for seeing where a candidate is lacking evidence for a particular area.

Assessor’s Review Process

When a VQ candidate has submitted an incident reflection, the assessor can review their reflection like any manager normally would any user. However, when reviewing a VQ candidate’s reflection,

Drivers Log

Extends the incident recording to log driver details and driving conditions.

This module allows drivers to enter vehicle information when refiecting against an incident, such as:

  • Type of drive (blue light)
  • Light conditions
  • Miles
  • Conditions
  • Vehicle Id

Extensive reporting; eg: accrued hours for trainees