pdrPro and learnPro for Fire services

Fire and security staff

pdrPro and learnPro for Airports

All staff levels

pdrPro and learnPro for High Risk Industries

Operational and Non-operational

pdrPro Products

  • Personal Development Records

    Integrated with personal planner

  • Notifications

    Get people to read and electronically sign documents

  • Course Management

    Manage centralised courses and resources

  • Appraisals

    3 stage appraisal system

  • Equipment Testing

    With full reporting and integrated into pdrPro

  • Development Pathways

    Manage and report on all areas of development

  • Requalifications

    Skills needing certification such as BA instructor or EFAD driver

  • Driving Logs

    Records driving activity

  • Integration

    Import and export information to other systems

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

    Instant access to key reports

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learnPro Products

  • Learning Management System

    Manage your courses and assessments

  • Package Manager

    Managing and sharing courses across sectors

  • Lab Advanced

    A new easy to use online authoring tool

Equipment Testing

Manage and record all Standard Tests

Assigned to watches, handles items and collections of equipment

Comprehensive Reporting

Fully searchable replaces many current “spreadsheet systems”

Works on mobile, tablet and PC

Take photograph of a problem as part of the recording


  • One stop

    Your system is hosted in our cloud. Your system can be accessed via the internet at home or mobile if required.

  • Everything in the UK from build to support

    One number, one team for everything

  • Hosting and Disaster Recovery

    Your system is hosted on our highly available system with extensive backup and disaster recovery.

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  • Security

    Comprehensive security; firewalls, application firewalls, updates, analysis and active monitoring

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