Cutting edge features

pdrPro and learnPro merged to form eFireservice in 2016 with the aim of merging and developing the products.

Both product sets have developed enormously with pdrPro going through a redesign shown for the first time on this website and learnPro moving into a powerful sharing environment to help customers take advantage of sharing the knowledge and skills in e-learning among the industry community.

With a dedicated team based in Farnborough and Edinburgh, eFireservice is now making its product available to Fire services, Airports and Nuclear as well as positioning itself for other industries in high risk environments.


eFireservice delivers its products via SaaS (Software as a Service) in a highly secure environment. Our servers are hosted at Aegis Data in the UK with a Disaster Recovery Centre in Farnborough.

All of our servers are in VMware vSphere configuration which means that if servers or disks fail we still continue to deliver the system.

Security is paramount. All communication is encrypted between the user and server and different password rules can be configured depending on the needs of an organisation. Our Firewalls are monitored and we can limit access to fit your needs. Access to the data is limited to staff trained in data security.

Why pdrPro?

The only system that offers a competency frequency management system against up-to-date NOS.

A unique set of ready built e-Learning courses contributed by 30 services for immediate use.

Cost effective and proof of Return on Investment.

It’s the only system that provides the good evidential value and ensures all regulatory compliance is covered.

  • Personal Development Records
  • Notifications
  • Course Management
  • Appraisals
  • Equipment Testing
  • Development Pathways
  • Requalification
  • Driving Logs
  • Integration