Website Hosting & Email Services

Complex Bespoke Website and Application Hosting

Strategies provide a range of tailored and sophisticated complex bespoke website and application hosting and email services for the web sites developed by us. We are based in Farnborough on the borders of the counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire just 30 miles from London.

24-hour Monitoring

We actively monitor all of our complex business hosting services constantly so we know immediately if a service fails. The system is monitored 24/7 by an external network to report on any problems. The engineers and programmers that developed your website are on site and on call 24 hours a day to guarantee you the reliability your business requires. Most companies rely on you complaining when your website or part of it becomes unavailable, obviously a problem if your site goes down during the evening or early morning. In some cases, it is not the whole website that fails, only a particular application. With a call centre, you ring, get a faulty number and hope that someone gets around to looking at the issue. We actively monitor critical parts of your server and our hosting facility and network to recover any problem before you even notice. If you would like to read more about security and how we tackle safeguarding your data please visit our dedicated network security page.

Nothing Is Outsourced

Many smaller web design agencies outsource their hosting and email services to a server farm that focus on just hardware and maintenance support. They know nothing about you or your business needs. Our experience shows that ‘incidents’ are more likely to be related to a software issue or failure and having experienced technicians always available is indispensable. You always have first priority with Strategies and because we control every parameter ourselves including hosting and email, we offer unrivalled levels of service. We are in total control over the operating environment of your website and your online presence. All of our hosting and email services are provided and controlled in-house.

Sophisticated Hosting

We specialise in sophisticated set-ups and hosting over multiple machines for various applications. In some instances, multiple dedicated servers are required for specific applications, which can make the projects uneconomic. However, we can tailor-build solutions to give you low start-up costs for sophisticated applications. Please review our technical infrastructure below and contact us using the below button if you would like to discuss your specific requirements further.

Hosting, IT & Internet Infrastructure

Strategies secure in-house Internet hosting centre has been constructed inside a purpose built unit within its UK Headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire. With over 50 servers the hosting centre benefits from the below hardware and offers the following services:
  • Two 100mbps fibre-optic Ethernet lines with multiple points of presence providing speed, resilience and tight SLAs from our supplier.
  • Dedicated air conditioning units with redundancy for consistent cooling no matter what the weather outside.
  • Active monitoring of all systems and 24/7 on-call staff, with parts and spare systems on site for quick response.
  • UPSs in all server racks with backup diesel power to maintain up-time for the entire centre.
  • Cisco and BSD based firewalls with redundancy.
  • Ample space and resources for dedicated hardware and expansion based on our clients’ needs.
  • Shared platforms for small scale sites which can be more cost effective to our customers than dedicated hardware.
  • Total onsite and offsite backup.
  • Part of the Microsoft Hosting Community and a Microsoft Certified Partner with access to their latest technologies.
  • Physical security and Red Care alarm system.
Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information regarding our hosting centre.