Our Datacenter

We’ve partnered with Aegis Data in Godalming, Surrey to provide best in class co-location infrastructure for our production datacenter needs.

  • ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified
  • Tier 3 (N+1) enterprise class resilient engineering
  • 6.2MVA power with dual, dedicated feeds (N+N)
  • 2,000kVA diesel backup generators with 36 hours runtime at full load
  • Low carbon footprint, ultra-efficient direct fresh air cooling
  • Carrier neutral with diverse fibre routing
  • 10 layers of physical security and access controls 24/7 with full audit trail
  • Inert gas fire suppression and automatic smoke detection
  • Our Hosting

    We are invested in IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and make use of the VMware vSphere ecosystem to accomplish this, containerising all our servers at a software layer. This means we can get the most out of our hosting hardware whilst also gaining a critical advantage in providing high availability of services. Our production cluster is able to tolerate a number of different hardware failure scenarios whilst maintaining high levels of uptime.

  • RAID arrays with mirrored disks to prevent storage failure
  • Redundant storage controllers in arrays
  • Redundant power supplies in host servers and storage arrays
  • Redundant storage array networks
  • In the unlikely event of complete host server failure in this environment, all running VMs (Virtual Machines) will migrate onto healthy servers and start themselves up, automatically. In this instance no human intervention is required.

    Disaster Recovery

    In the event that our datacenter at Aegis is unavailable for reasons of disastrous proportions, we have made available to our customers who require it a second, segregated infrastructure at our secure Farnborough offices at Cody Technology Park.

    We use the same VMware vSphere technology twinned with Nakivo Replication at this site with hot-standby hardware which is capable of taking over the VMs at the Aegis datacenter. All VMs and their associated data is replicated regularly throughout the day over our encrypted connection between both sites and is able to be invoked at a moment’s notice.

    We manage the failover and where possible will update DNS to bring service back online to give our customers complete peace of mind and business continuity.

    Information Security

    We put a high emphasis on the security of our customers’ data. Access to data and services is only permitted to employees where required and all are trained to treat data with respect and integrity. All our employee endpoint terminals and our company mail systems are protected with anti-malware and anti-ransomware protections.

    We utilize firewall packet filtering to restrict users’ access at the network level and whitelist where required. BYOD/C (Bring your own device/computer) is restricted to a segregated network and access only permitted to company endpoint system by a heavily restricted secure VPN. Patches are applied in a timely fashion and software refreshed when it reaches end of life.

    Firewalls and monitoring

    pfSense is an open source project which has grown into an industry leading firewall solution, based on UNIX it’s incredibly secure. We have a pair of redundant hardware firewalls based on this technology which protects our perimeter from intrusion.

    Using the ELK stack (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana) we’re given instant visibility into all web requests into our core web hosting systems. We can isolate issues quickly and keep an keep an eye on unwanted actors. It’s instant and very detailed.

    We use Nagios for our 24/7 monitoring of all services in the production infrastructure, if there’s an issue, we already know about it and a member of the hosting team will be working on it.