pdrPro is a Learning and Development System that records against the standards for an industry the maintenance of competence, personal development, standard testing of equipment and operational assurance with an integrated e-Learning and assessment system.

Personal Development Records

Calendar based activity planner provides fast easy recording against standards. Comprehensive reports for compliance.

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Notifications (read and sign)

Ensure that notices such as Urgent Safety Alerts are read and electronically signed. Notifications can be sent to individuals, groups, roles and locations.

Course Management

Centralised training can be managed from nomination to post course follow up. Fully integrated into PDRpro means that all reports and maintenance of competence are always up to date.


Run appraisal cycles with ease. Let’s staff outline their achievements and managers comment on them using pre-appraisal questionnaire. Let’s managers set objectives and goals which can be tracked over time.

Support for Driving license and qualification checks.

Support for interim appraisals.

Support for CPD payment approval based on current core skill compliance actions.

Equipment Testing

Frequency based Equipment and PPE testing with comprehensive reporting. Mobile friendly, integrated with tablet and phone cameras for pictures of faulty equipment.

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Development Pathways

Manage the development to competence process of all roles with full centralised reporting.

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Managing the process of skill qualification and requalification for operators and instructors.

Driving Logs

Record blue light, road conditions and time-date stamps with full reporting.


With complete control over your database, we can export data and make it available for other systems such as personal or reporting systems. Personnel changes can be updated to pdrPro from an external system.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Senior manages reports for:

  • Core Skill Competency with drill down to Station and Watch
  • Re-qualifications
  • LearnPro passed and failed modules

KPI’s is a framework for instant access report’s with 3 key reports included
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